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SimMan® Mannequins

SimMan® is a portable and advanced patient simulator for team training.  With realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, SimMan® provides simulation-based education to challenge and test students’ clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care scenarios. The interactive, technologically advanced mannequin includes well-proven software allowing learners to practice the emergency treatment of patients.


SimMan® 3G Mannequin

Completely wireless and self-contained, simulation training need no longer be compromised by location and equipment constraints. Designed using the most cutting-edge technology, SimMan 3G opens up numerous simulation possibilities for variable locations and mobility.


METI®  HPS (Human Patient Simulator)

The HPS is METI's top-of-the-line, fully automatic, high-fidelity patient simulator specifically designed for training in anesthesia, respiratory and critical care.


NOELLE™ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator

Designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery. Simulator features include full-size articulating female mannequin, intubatable airway with chest rise, IV arm for meds/fluids, removable stomach cover, practice Leopold maneuvers, multiple fetal heart sounds, automatic birthing system, measure head descent and cervical dilation, multiple placenta locations, replaceable dilating cervices, one articulating birthing baby (SB32873U) with placenta, and one resuscitation baby with intubatable airway and umbilical catheter site.




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